Our Story

At The Service Shop Marketing Agency, our client and agency side experience provides us with a unique perspective on how an agency/client relationship should work. Client service is at the core of what we do. We make our client partners our priority and service is not only part of our name, but it is also our Brand essence.

Our diversity of thought and experience gives us the insight to develop fresh and unique approaches that help position brands to best engage their target audiences.​

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What We Do

Our Capabilities exist in the following five areas

  • Brand
    The big idea is always the prize; however, many times a simple idea can be the solution. We conduct ideation sessions that provide outputs and insights to move campaigns or concepts forward.
  • Creative
    Visual representation is crucial to increase Brands’ salience in the market. Our collaborative design approach ensures clients are involved in the development of visually appealing creative assets.
  • Content
    It is critical that content is aligned and is consistent with Brand messaging and positioning. We curate content that resonates with audiences and is congruent with a Brand’s image and voice.
  • Staff
    We provide internal marketing support to clients without long-term obligation.
  • Event
    When events are designed and executed effectively, they can bring Brands to life and provide amazing experiences. We build events from concept to execution for clients seeking to offer memorable, sharable experiences for internal and external audiences​.

Our Approach

Research Is The Foundation For Everything We Do!

At The Service Shop we use a three-step process for every project. The process begins with comprehensive research that ensures our team has a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs, goals, and the competitive landscape.

We develop meaningful insights that guide the design of workplans and creation of deliverables. During each project there is a continuous two-way exchange of ideas and information between our clients and our team.


Before any project starts, we complete a discovery session with clients to identify the desired outcomes. During this phase, we conduct research and create a detailed workplan to guide the team.


We create deliverables to clients’ specifications using several “check backs” to ensure no deviations have occurred from the workplan. As part of our continuous communication loop, we provide scheduled status updates where work product is shared, feedback is received, and any revisions are completed.


There are several quality checkpoints before the deliverables are presented to clients as complete. The final step is to confirm and verify that the work product is what clients requested.
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Our Services

The Service Shop is an integrated marketing agency providing superior services that aim to surpass our clients’ expectations. We offer services in English and Spanish, to tailor messaging and content to an ever-changing diverse audience.

  • Research
    & Strategy
    We provide a comprehensive range of services including thorough Competitive Analysis, in-depth Consumer Insights, comprehensive Strategic Development, and effective Media Planning.
  • Brand
    Our team offers superior expertise in Brand Architecture, appealing Visual Identity design, compelling Brand Messaging, and meticulous development of Brand Standards.
  • Creative
    Our Creative and Strategy teams assist client partners in crafting unique Logos & Brand Assets, creating captivating Advertisements, designing eye-catching Marketing Collateral, and producing engaging Video content.
  • Brand
    Our team has a great amount of experience in the areas of Event Management, innovative Campaign Development, engaging Consumer Engagement, and effective Shopper Marketing strategies and execution, that result in immersive and memorable experiences.
  • Digital
    We help Brands connect with potential and existing customers through a diverse array of services, including cutting-edge Web Design & Development, strategic Campaign Strategy, impactful Social & Email Marketing, and efficient Marketing Automation.

At The Service Shop, We Are Ready To Work!

Our Experience

At The Service Shop we help build Brands and create award-winning campaigns across a variety of industries for key consumer sub-segments.








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We will bring your vision to life!

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For questions about how The Service Shop can bring your vision to life, how we can help you with your big or small project or how we can help your brand create an award-winning campaign, please fill in the information below.
Someone from the team will be glad to assist you!
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We give every client the same level of commitment and effort regardless of their size or budget

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