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The Service Shop developed and delivered a Social Media Marketing Webinar for over 30 restaurant owners in Prince George County, MD, as part of the "Emerge Stronger Restaurant Intensive Training Program." The webinar aimed to educate and assist the participants in creating a digital campaign to promote their businesses effectively.

Throughout the webinar, our team shared social media trends, strategies, and resources, including:

  • The most popular social media channels and their target audience
  • How to create an effective social media strategy
  • Content marketing best practices - with a focus on the restaurant industry
  • How other restaurants are using digital marketing
  • Creating a content calendar and establishing KPIs
  • Developing a unique creative approach
  • Using digital advertising to promote their businesses

The webinar's attendees increased their comprehension of the presented material, gaining valuable insight into establishing an effective digital marketing strategy to attract additional customers and increase profitability. They learned that social media marketing can lead to increased customer engagement, generate new business, and amplify their brand.

Overall, the Social Media Marketing Webinar offered restaurant owners the opportunity to acquire new skills and knowledge to develop an effective digital marketing strategy and the available tools that can help them grow their businesses.

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